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What’s a Shookie?

Sheryl’s Cookies. SH for Sheryl + OOKIES for Cookies.
  • Sheryl's first Shookies
  • Sheryl Jang and Brady J. Frey
  • Sheryl and Russ Jang with Santa

Sheryl began delighting friends and family with her baked creations at the young age of fifteen - it's no wonder that the word Shookie, a combination of Sheryl and cookie, became the household nickname for her special treats.

Growing up with a loving family who gathered at the table every night to share meals that were often followed by ice cream desserts, Sheryl cultivated a passion for homemade goodies at a very young age. More importantly, she's always been thrilled to share her creations with her loved ones - nothing makes her happier than seeing someone delight in one of her pastries.

Although Sheryl's always had a flair for creating sweets, it wasn't until she graduated from the renowned Tante Marie Cooking School that she transformed the enthusiasm of a hobbyist into the artisan skill of a pastry chef. But no matter who she's baking for, it's the joy of sharing her tasty art that make Sheryl's cookies Shookies.