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Frequently Asked Questions

Real ones too. Not those made up ones marketers love.
1 How many Shookies can I order?
Challenge us, we can handle it. Order as many as you'd like, we'll let you know what the turnaround is, and even ship them as we make them!
2 Are Shookies stored for delivery or freshly made?
Every Shookies order is made fresh upon purchase, and made with loving devotion.
3 How fast are items shipped?
Purchases are shipped within 2 business days of the order: 1 day to make it, 1 day to send them to their new home.
4 What if I have an allergy?
We completely understand and sympathize! Contact us right away, we'll gladly make you a custom order keeping your allergy in mind... if it's great, we may even make it a steady product.
5 What if I have a special request?
Shapes? Colors? Something completely original? We love challenges, and we'd be glad to make it happen. Send us a message and let us know what you're after, we'll be sure to respond right away!
6 Do you ship everywhere?
Anywhere in the United States and her territories. Your first three items ship free via USPS Priority Mail, our treat. If you have rush needs or special requests, we're happy to work with you, email us right away!
7 What's your favorite color?
8 Where do you cook?
At the wonderful La Cocina, of course!