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  1. Shortbread Shookies

    Shortbread Shookies

    Sugary shortbread sin — limited because Brady is obsessed with them. Custom shapes available upon request!

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    $9.99 for 32 mini cookies

  2. Apricot Linzer Shookies

    Apricot Linzer Shookies

    Fluffy & delectable linzer cookies, coupled with Apricot Preserves and dashed with powdered sugar. Still legal in all 50 states (for a limited time).

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    $12.99 for 12 Cookies

  3. Banana Chocolate Shookies

    Banana Chocolate Shookies

    Scrumptious, all natural banana-loaded cakes with a touch of cocoa bliss. Gluten-free goodness!

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    $14.99 for 12 Bars

  4. Dragée Shookies

    Dragée Shookies

    Carmalized almond covered in chocolate, lovingly lathered in powered sugar, which is to say, totally awesome.

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    $15.99 for 1 Pound